Were used in breeding:

FCI N 8/99

Owner Anna Ganukova (veterinary surgeon)

Address: 84, Krasnoznamennaya, city Jankoi, Crimea, Ukraine, 96116
tel. (38 06564) 4-10-77
mob. 38067 6507005



Anna and Kerol KardinalKennel of the Caucasian shepherd dogs " Gold Star of Tavrida " has been registered in Ukraine, in UKU in 1994 on 107, FCI 1999 at number 8/99. Much earlier, the kennel is based on territory of Northern Caucasus. Here, after the ending of training, we together the husband worked as veterinaries in one of the most remote Krasnodar territory.
In 1991 we have moved to Crimea. With us have arrived to Ukraine and our dogs - descendants of an old known Petersburg female of Hanka. Zlata (the grand daughter of Hanta) 1990 of a birth became the basic breeder of kennel. Posterity of Zlata from males of the lines most known in those days, always was yielded with fine results. In each posterity puppies of high and very high level - Boy Chaza Zlat, Typhoon Zlat, Carat Zlat, Barbara Zlat, Bayra Zlat, Niksa Zlat. From this female and her children fine dogs - B-Akbar Gold Star of Tavrida, the Metel the Gold Star of Tavrida and many others have been received also many.

In 1998 has been brought from Lugansk male Kerol-Kardinal. He has brought in a new mite to cultivation as a result of which livestock of dogs homogeneous enough and well recognized on type old Ukrainian bloods - is received by Nesta, Nensi, Nissa, Nika Zu L Fakar, U-Zlata-2 Gold Star of Tavrida, Uliana Gold Star of Tavrida, Urhan Gold Star of Tavrida. Also in cultivation have been used blood of leading Ukrainian and Russian breeders. So, from K-Baks (owner Demchenko, the city of Kirovograd) and Barbara Zlat have been received Nadym, nazar, Nikol, Nensi the Gold Star of Tavrida. From Yar (city of Ufa) and Zlata have been given birth - Punch, Porthos, the Prays Gold Star of Tavrida, from Hafir (kennel Sokolinoye Gnezdo ", the city of Saint Petersburg) and Boy Chaza Zlat have been given birth Tsimb, Cerberus Gold Star Of Tavrida Tsiliya others.Zlata

With 1994 for 2005 in a reserve of kennel 5 Champions of Ukraine, Champion NCB, Young Champion NCB, 3 Young Champions of Ukraine, 2All-Ukrainian Winner, 27 titles , 21 - BOB, 9R, 9I, 4RI are totaled; please with the victories of a dog of the kennel, belonging to other owners: 11, 6, 7I, 4I.

Now in kennel dogs of blooods new to us from Russia are got. In kennel " Stolitsa Sibiri " (owner Eugeny Krupoderova) is got Nochnoy Talisman iz Stolitsy Sibiri, becoming for half-year the Young Champion of Ukraine, 2005, the Young Champion of National Club of breed, 2005. The Balagur iz Sokolinogo Gnezda which also has won a title of the Champion of National Club of breed 2005, Candidate for champions of international Club 2005 is leased for the period of 2 years. In Moscow in kennel " Legenda Kavkaza " the dog from the Voron iz Svetlogo Doma is got - Malahovskiy Volkodav Yehidna, won in the early age already 3 titles CACIB, 3, BOB. In the same place it is got Regul iz Legenda Kavkaza, having in the reserve 2CAC, 2CCC


Appearance of kennel

In kennel the trainer constantly works. All dogs hand over norms of a guard duty.